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Top Secret Review

Well, I want to start with a great "WE WIN!!!!!!!!".
Now that we got that out of the way, we can start the review < g >

The episode started with Huddy, so that's already good.
Not much can be said about this scene, it was hot as all other scenes involving HL and LE.

I love it that he doesn't care why she's there, he just accepts it. God, they look good together in the same frame.

I've noticed something in this scene that I really liked. Look at House, he seems so relaxed.  Eventhough it seems like someone screwed up, and something's wrong, he keeps his tone low, and seems "regular". also, most of the time he looks at Cuddy and vice verse < g >

Here we get to the dream...

Why is she there?

He needs her help. it's nice to know that in his mind he knows that he needs her.

Again, why is she there?

She's always there.

I love it. It doesn't matter that the ducklings and the POTW are there, this is really a House/Cuddy dream. the "always there" line wouldn't have been written if it didn't mean something. I believe it means that she's always on his mind. He still thinks about her in the shower after god knows how many years that they've slept together. she's really always on his mind. I wonder though why he said "no you're not".
and let's not forget that he woke up with a smile on his face :)

"I've been thinking about you..."


"you lied"

and she knew what he was talking about. I don't know how, but Cuddy is one smart girl.

and she's not a whore.

she just likes sex ;)

House doesn't like it that Cuddy like sex with other men. He probably has some wanted list of all the guys Cuddy has ever touched. and she's touched by it -

Cuddy is so cute when she realizes House has some secret crush on her. he really does like her.


"Get over me"

Yeah, Cuddy. That was more like "Get on top of me" kind of look.

and oh he will...

No, Cuddy, you're still not fooling anyone... it looks like you're reenacting that one night when House gave you everything you wanted... at times like these I wish House was Lost, so we could have a flashback...

So cute!

He thinks so too...

Well, what did we learn from this episode?

1. WE WIN.
2. House still has the hotts for Cuddy.
3. Cuddy wants House bad but won't admit it.
4. House should do a crossover with Lost.
5. House rules when he yells at Cameron to STFU.
6. HL will be sexy no matter what he's doing.
7. Comparing House's lack of interest inb the Cameon/Chase sex to House's phenomenal memory when it comes to Cuddy/Random Dude is so much fun.
8. Huddy is canon.

I give this episode an 8 and a half... 1 1/2 points down because Cameron still annoys the hell out of me.

Oh, and I must mention the greatest line of the night - Foreman: "House will do Wilson before you do Chase" LOL

All pictures of the Huddy parts of the ep, can be seen here.


YES, OMG. I forgot who I was telling this to, but I was saying it would be so frickin awesome if we would be able to see a flashback. That would totally be so kickass.

Love the review and the caps!
Thanks! I'm glad you liked it :)
And yesssss I'd love a flashback so much. Maybe they could do another episode like Three Stories?
This was so great! Thanks for taking the time to do it for us. :) I love the way this all played out and the eye!sex between them is just AMAZING in this. There's no sign of anything between them ever letting up, and that makes it so, so special.
Thanks! :D I love them. their eye!sex alone makes me melt, so I don't know what I'll do if (when) they kiss...
lmao! I really love your review, so happy that huddy is canon

great episode!
Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :D
And great episode indeed :)
Great review!
Oh, how I wish a House/Lost crossover...Huddy flashback would be Heaven.
Hahaha, House should be on Lost, so we can get a flashback. Genius! :D
actually they could fit into Lost... we need to have a nice long talk with J.J... ;)
Thank you!
I really wish they'd show us a flashback.I'd love to see young!cuddy and young!house!
Comparing House's lack of interest in the Cameon/Chase sex to House's phenomenal memory when it comes to Cuddy/Random Dude is so much fun.

Haha, good point! I laughed at his total nonchalance when he walked in on C/C, but didn't even think of the contrast to Cuddy.

*Gabs from LF, followed your link in the Huddy thread there*
Hi! :)
LF has too many Hamerons and not enough Huddies! =\
Thanks for commenting :)


I don't have a live journal, but I felt compelled to comment. This post is so hilarious! "House rules when he yells at Cameron to STFU." Hells yes, and Huddy IS canon. The Hameron shippers get on my last nerve, so I'm glad you lot agree. Keep up the good work!
Thanks!! I loved that part... it's one of my favs along with "DO YOUR DAMN JOB!" earlier this season :D I love it when House putts her in her place.. he IS her boss, she feels way too free with him.
I guess this means that House/Wilson is canon as well? (Since House theoretically did him) haha...
LOL *loves Hilson*....
This episode was very House/Cuddy and I enjoyed it. However, I don't recall it becoming canon.

I only saw Cuddy telling House to back off. I think it's possible she means it, despite the fact she may want House.

I like both House/Cameron and House/Cuddy, and my preference to House/Cameron is slight in a sense it's the only pairing I really read fic for, unless someone I love writes a different pairing.

You can read into it, say there is House/Cuddy build up and it could become canon. But to call it canon now is jumping the gun.
Hi :)
I meant "Canon" because now it's official that they had some sort of a relationship in the past, and they slept together at least once.
Oh cool. I am wary of ship wars in this fandom.
love your review :D

8. Huddy is canon.

hell yes ! :D
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