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Cute Huddy

Young Huddy Manip

Was bored, yet again, and this is the result of it...

Please credit if you use it  :)

Original pictures from HughLaurie.net and _lisadaily_


Nice work, the manip is really good.
you rock! &heart;

OH I LOVE THAT! Any chance at iconage?
ooooh thats really good!!!!
wow, Michigan!!

You're very good on this ;)
omg, you are soooo good at this!! So cute!
haha, great work!!!
hahaha yay! I love it. nice work! it's a very funny picture! ;)
That is ADORABLE. Very well-done. Thanks for sharing!
They could totally show this on an episode of House, seriously. Maybe the episode where they finally tell us what went on at Michigan.
pretty sweet! I love it
This is great! (Will link on tonight's house_notice update.)
omg this is sooo 80's XDXDXD
Awesome! Will credit if I use!